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The enterprise which never stops making efforts for vision accomplishment but achieves success,Sesung!

‘SESUNG’ is an enterprise which develops, produces and supplies
subsidiary materials for apartment construction, and temporary subsidiary materials for building.
SESUNG is endlessly making efforts to supply differentiated products
having price competitiveness by improving productivity through research and development.

First, Development of a Product which can create the maximum effect through R&D;
SESUNG is doing its best for the increase in price competitiveness
and the rise in workers & consumers’ safety and effectiveness through continuous R&D.

Second,the Enterprise thinking of safety as top priority;
SESUNG is making incessant efforts to secure product safety,
and now it is operating and maintaining Safety Corporation
KCS Certification by obtaining it for domestic & Chinese factories as well.

Lastly,the Enterprise keeping promises with customers;
When it comes to SESUNG, SESUNG’s client companies are mostly regarding
SESUNG as an enterprise which makes much account of trust.
SESEUNG sincerely promises to do its best while always putting itself
in the shoes of customers such as a deadline for product delivery,
product quality and after-sale service, etc.

  • Love Ae(愛)
  • Trust xin(信)
  • Achieving sung(成)
  • Love forms trust, and trust brings growth

    SESUNG is setting ‘Grow Together with Customers’ as the biggest goal.
    In addition, SESUNG believes that trust is a top priority for the success,
    and that the trust can be achieved only when it starts from loving mind.

    • 2019 Participation in
      Overseas Exhibitions
      -Ho Chi Minh City,
      -Beijing, China
      (Exhibitions for
      Aluminum Foam)
      To Daegot-myeon,
      Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do
      Province “SESUNG”
      Factory’s Relocation
    • 2018 Participation in
      Overseas Exhibitions
      -Guangzhou, China
      (Exhibitions for
      Aluminum Foam)
    • 2017 Hebeisheng(河北省),
      China. Established
      Manufacturing Factory
      Manufacturing Factory
      in China
      Korea Occupational
      Safety and Health Agency
      Acquired Safety
      Certification for
      Temporary Equipment
      and Materials
    • 2013 Oryu-dong, Seo-gu,
      Incheon-si Relocation
      of “SESUNG” Factory
      Got Incheon-si
      “Vision Enterprise”
      Minister of Economy
      and Finance
      Got a Citation of
      “Exemplary Taxpayer”
    • 2009 Acquired Safety Certification of Temporary Equipment from the Korea Temporary Equipment Association Got Confirmation of Technology Innovation Small & Medium Enterprise (INNO-BIZ) Being selected as a venture business by the Small & Medium Business Administration and registered with it
    • 1995 Established “SESUNG Inc.”

    1st Plant in Korea / Headquarter

    501beonji 27, Daegotnamno, Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do Province
    Tel. 032 563 0933 / Fax. 032 564 3309

    2rd Plant in China

    Yongnian county, Hebei Province, China